Image Copyright

Information about Think Rugs image copyright.

The imagery, designs and descriptive text used within the Think Rugs brochure, or found on this website is owned, copy written and trademarked by Oriental Carpets and Rugs Ltd Trading as Think Rugs. If you use, without permissions, misappropriate it or use it in any way without consent from Think Rugs, legal action will be taken against you.
The internet has made finding stolen work extremely easy, coupled with the legions of clients who follow our work and are happy to point out any lawlessness. To date, we have perused, challenged and succeeded in the collection of damages from individuals and companies alike. We understand that our work is admired and favoured but it is not there to be taken without consent.

To apply for consent to use Think Rugs Images and descriptive text, please contact Think Rugs on 01782 747713.